Ju-52 models

FS2004 Junkers Ju-52
Last Version 6., by Pierino Primavesi

The Ju-52 Factory originally produced FS2000, CFS2 and FS2002 versions of this aircraft, but following a lot of questions and comments received from grateful users, I decided to expand this fleet to FS2004 models.
All comments and suggestions are welcome. 
Pierino Primavesi


FLYING CHARACTERISTIC: Read and print the following documents: Checklist and references


Version 6.1B FS2004 (16 MB)  JU-AIR


Model (FSDS2)

Ju-52/3m g4e / CASA 352L
Multiresoution ( 6 LODs)
Full FS2004 animations and lights
Aluminium structure effect


XML- metric (!) gauges

Virtual cockpit

Photorealistic virtual cockpit and cabin
Cockpit illumination
Active instruments (when nav-lights OFF)
Instrument lightning (when nav-lights ON)

JU-AIR Dübendorf  2004 Colors:

- HB-HOT (A-702)
- HB-HOS "IWC - First Round The World"
- HB-HOY "Hapimag" (CASA 352L) 


Sound version 5.0B
Checklist and references (Eng. / German)


Copy all the texture bitmaps from folder "Basic.textures.to.copy" into the 
\aircraft\Junkers_Ju52_JU-AIR_v61\texture.hos ... hop ... hot ... hoy folders.



Version 6, FS2004 Full Release (21 MB)


Models (FSDS2)

  • Ju-52/3m g3e – g4e on wheels
    Full FS2004 animations and lights
    Aluminium structure effect

  • Ju-52/3m 3ge – g5e See Floatplane


XML- metric (!) gauges only

Virtual cockpit

Photorealistic virtual cockpit and cabin
Cockpit illumination
Active instruments (when nav-lights OFF)
Instrument lightning (when nav-lights ON)


  - Lufthansa D-ANOY (1936)
  - Factory neutral colours
  - Eurasia Aviation Corp. EA-XVII (1935)
  - British European Airways G-AHOF (1947)
  - Swiss Air Force A-702 (1939)
  - Air France F-BAJT
                (Amiot AAC.1 1941)
  - Aero Portuguesa CS-ADA
                (Amiot AAC.1 1941)
  - Ala Littora I-BIBI (1935)
  - Luftwaffe Summer 1K+ZM
  - Luftwaffe Winter CN+4V "Where Eagles Dare" 
           with paratroops

  - Lufthansa D-AQUI (1936)
  - Sindicato Condor PP-CAC (1938)
  - Luftwaffe 1K+ZM


Sound version 5.0B
Checklist and references (Eng. / German)


How to install the Ju-52 (example)

Using Windows Explorer navigate to your FS2004 folder. (The default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9)  

1st You will notice an 'aircraft' folder. This is where all the aircraft are stored. Each aircraft is stored as a separate folder within the 'aircraft'  folder & each contain 4 sub folders Model, Panel, Sound & Texture as well as other required files - the aircraft.cfg & *.air files.  

Downloading & Unzipping
It is important to keep your files organised. For this reason it is recommended you do the following:

Installation the Junkers Version 6.0 (ju52v60.zip) : 
1) Create the folders: 

   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60
   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60\Model   
   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60\Model.bea 
   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60\Model.eur 
   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60\Model.red 
   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60\Model.saf 
   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60\Panel
   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60\Sound
   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60\Texture
   ...\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Ju52_v60\Docs

2) unpack and copy the content of the zip file into Ju52_v60 folders, on the right place of course. 
3) move the gauges-file Junkers_Ju52.cab into the ...\Flight Simulator 9\Ju52_v60\Panel (!) folder.
4) move the smoke- and lights-files *.fx into the ...\Flight Simulator 9\Effects folder. 

It's done! You are ready. 

LEGAL: This project is released as FREEWARE. You may modify it, repaint it, etc., upload to another website as long as it is not for profit. You need my written permission only to use any of these files for commercial purposes; otherwise a simple credit would be nice. This plane should not hurt your computer and your eyes, but I am not responsible if it causes problems.

yours Pierino



March 2000: Version FS98, Model designed by Goetz Scheuermann,
repaint Pierino Primavesi

Repaint and model FS98

 (87 KB)
Mai 2001: Version 1.0, for FS2000
Version 1.0, FS2000 (4 MB)

July 2001: Version 2.0, for Combat Flght Simulator 2

Version 2.0, CFS2 (22 MB)

Download Full ver 2.0 LFTW (4 MB)

Mai 2002: Version 3.0 for FS2002

Version 3.0 FS2002 (17 MB)

Version 3.0, FS2002 D-AQUI (2 MB)

January 2003: Versions 4.0-4.1 for FS2002

Version 4, FS2002 (14 MB)

Mai 2003: Version 5.0, for FS2002
Ju-52 with paratroops 

Version 5, FS2002 (33 MB)

Download Full Version 5.0 (18 MB)

About the FS2002-Version 5.0

- The aircrafts have extra effects:
*       push the  “spoiler” key to open/close the doors.
**     [Crtl + L] to activate the gauges illumination  in the 3D virtual cockpit.
***   [Shift + L] to act the night ambiance illumination for the 2D panel and 3D cockpit.
**** [I] “smoke” or paratroops launch key.

Versions 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0 based on
pictures:                     Ju-Air Dübendorf 
paratrooper airfile:     Captain Slug

Other Trimotors by Pierino

CRDA Cant Z.1007bis "Alcione"
Medium/torpedo bomber of good performances, the Cant Z.1007 "Alcione" constituted a great part of the bombing force of Regia Areonautica. 
Feature: FSDS multi-resolution model, accurate paint scheme, adapted air file, dp file, detailed exteriors, simple virtual cockpit, full moving parts, lights, functional bomb or torpedo payloads, original panel. Use spoilers to open the bombs port.

CFS2 Cant Z.1007 bis 
Cant Z, CFS2 (2,50 MB)

Cant Z, FS2002 (3,01 MB)

Other Trimotors by Pierino

Ford Trimotor 5 AT-B, 5-AT-C gear and floatplane (5-AT-CS)
The Ford "Tin Goose", created by the Ford Motor Co. at a time when most aircraft were made of wood covered with fabric, was the first all metal multi-engined airplane built in the USA. 
The Ford Tri-Motor was originally developed and produced by Bill Stout of Stout Air Lines, and was based on European Fokker aircraft. The Ford 5-AT-C was a improved 5-AT-B "De-Luxe Club Model" with increased performance, cowlings and wheel pants options. The 5-AT-CS was the Floatplane Version.
Feature: FSDS models, 1024 x 1024 textures,  panel & gauges, virtual dynamic cockpit, wasp radial engine configuration, sound, FS2002 lights, moving parts and rolling wheels, smoke, splash-screen.Colours: CV-FAI, Pan Amercan Airways, TWA.

Ford Trimotor, FS2002 (10,3 MB)


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